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February 8, 2010 at 2:56 pm (Blog comments, PRCA 3711)

I will be keeping track of all the comments I leave on other blogs throughout the semester. You can find them below.

1.  Kati Ann Wright, Body lanuage and nonverbal communication in job interviews

Your post was really intriguing. The examples of what certain body language cues mean are really interesting. I think I will be paying more attention to how I am acting to see if I am really feeling a certain way when I’m putting my hands on my hips or crossing my arms, etc. Really interesting.

The tips for improving body language were interesting too. I have never really thought about ways to improve the way I conduct myself as far as body language is concerned before. I will definitely be referring back to your post when it comes time for me to go to a job interview (SCARY!)

2. Lindsey Townson, Speaking Louder than Words: Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Job Interviews

I play with my hair too. I twist it around my finger when I’m nervous or anxious about something. Not a good thing to do especially in a job interview. Maybe it is a good thing I cut my hair short right before I start the job search. I wonder what other nervous habits I might have that I haven’t noticed before?
We both used for this blog post and I included the same fact that standing while on a phone interview increases alertness. This is pretty interesting and I guess true. I usually pace around and stand when I talk on the phone to anyone anyway.

3. Jeremy Watruba, What to wear to a PR Interview

Dressing for a more informal interview would almost make me more nervous than dressing for a formal interview. I think it is always better to overdress than to be under dressed. Although informal apparel would be more comfortable, I would be afraid I would be perceived as not-caring or something of the sort. I have not seen many articles on what to wear to an informal interview so this was interesting. I would like to discover more articles and opinions on the way an employer conducting a more informal interview would like to see interviewees dress.

4. Candice Halls, Tips for writing cover letters

Cover letters seem so easy to write when put into tips or ideas, but dang they are so much more difficult than that. I have sat down to write a couple for my internship applications but I feel as if I always wind up sounding mediocre and uninteresting. I wish there was an entire class on just cover letter and resume writing. I feel like sometimes we are just supposed to know how to do certain things like this. Does everyone feel as lost as I do? I sure hope I am not the only one who is this scared!

5. Marilyn Lintel, Benefits/Pitfalls of Social Media in the Job Search

I agree with your statement, “If you don’t want your parents to see it, don’t post it.” I feel as if a lot of students go off to college and go wild, posting all their pictures covering their wild nights in college on Facebook knowing that their parents would NEVER get a Facebook account and see those posted pictures. Now, not only is Facebook available to more than college students, but employers are also on Facebook or have employees/interns who are looking for information on prospective employees. If you would be embarrassed for your mom or dad to see the pictures or use of language posted, then maybe you should keep them in a private diary, not posted to the internet.

6. Micaela Carter, Kell on Earth

I have seen this television show, but had no idea Kell on Earth was about a public relations company. Now I am intrigued and will have to check it out. I have heard about employees getting fired because of the excessive information they shared to the public about a company or situation going on. If a company has a big top secret situation that they are dealing with or are trying to plan something, how can they hire somebody who shares everything happening within their workplace/company on a social networking site? I think although sites like Twitter can be very useful to companies, they can always be harmful and companies will now how to be very picky in who they hire according to how much they believe they can trust that person with the secrets within their company.

7. Haley Higgs, Will focus groups fade away due to social media?

Haley, you make a good point. I have never really thought about focus groups becoming extinct in our world of social media. Although we are used to the focus group that are held in the Veazy conference room or something of the sort, could focus groups become popular through Skype or video chat? With social media, focus groups could become a much bigger thing. I know sometimes it is difficult to get people to participate in focus groups, especially students. So social media might be a way to get a wider range of opinions and a better participation rate in focus groups. I personally like the idea of face-to-face focus groups better. Plus, focus groups typically have yummy snacks!

8. Allison Allmond, Social Media is a double-edged sword

Social media can be the greatest invention ever, as long as you use it properly and keep the content appropriate. When I first got my Facebook account, I never imagined the possibilities. Who knew Twitter and Facebook could help get your dream job or connect with people who would be able to help you out in your job or internship search?! People have to be so careful with what they are putting on their social media sites. You are constantly being watched and some of the posted content can be found through search engines even after they are deleted from the actual social media site. SCARY!!

9. Danielle Barrett, Body language & nonverbal communication in job interviews

I have always been told the same thing about my facial expressions. It makes me nervous going into an interview for either a job or internship because what if I make a bad expression that makes my interviewer think I have a bad attitude or a bad opinion about the company or something. Body language is so important, yet I feel like if I were to concentrate too hard on it during an interview I would not be focusing on the more important things, like my answers to questions. It’s so hard to be calm before an interview because you have no idea what is going to be thrown at you.

10. Meghan Beytagh, Shadow Project

First, congratulations on your internship. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Abshire. I think she would be a lot of fun to work for. This is a cool assignment. I’m not in senior seminar but I think this gives you a good idea on what to expect when you begin your internship or even a job. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with at least one person in the public relations field which can jump start your networking. Good luck with your internship this summer! I know you have to be as excited as I am to be graduating in just 3 weeks!!

11.Kristin Bixby, Cover letter and resume tips

I never really thought about a cover letter being like a mini advertisement of yourself but I guess that is a pretty accurate way of describing it. If an employer doesn’t like your cover letter, they are probably less likely to call you for an interview or even look at your resume. I always want to use a different font to make my resume and cover letter stand out but I have always heard some employers look down upon that because it may not look as professional. I just hate blending in with the rest of the world out there!

12. Micaela Carter, Career service workshop reaction: cover letters and resumes

This workshop was a very interesting and helpful one. I agree with your shock to hearing you shouldn’t limit yourself on your resume. I have made my font small and have almost no margin space and still had to cut several things I felt that were relevant and necessary. I’m glad this information stuck out to you too. I feel like after every seminar or conference I attend with tips on resume writing, I go back and edit mine. I am constantly changing things on my resume because everyone says different things about the proper way to organize or write it. So confusing!

13. Candice Hall, Learn from my mistake

Aw Candice, everyone makes mistakes. Although it’s disappointing now that your story did not get printed, you now know to check your e-mail frequently. I know you have a Blackberry, you should set up all your e-mail accounts so that your e-mails come straight to your Blackberry inbox. It has made my life so much easier and I never miss out on assignments or anything because I always get the e-mails to remind me. At least this was in your internship and you learned from the mistake instead of losing your job, which is what could possibly happen in some cases.

14. Sarah Kemp, Interview

Oh no pay sucks?! I’m just kidding. I like how she said she wish she had known it would be so hard finding a job. I feel like we have not been prepared for that at all. All my life I’ve been told you go to college, you apply for jobs, you graduate, and then you start work. I never realized searching for a job would be a full time job in itself. It’s scary out there and I think people are afraid to tell you that, but if we were more prepared for the tough job search, maybe we would be more prepared instead of thinking everything was so perfect and easy.

15. Stephanie Medlin, Career services event reaction blog

I enjoyed reading your blog Stephanie. Your cartoons and graphics you added in make it much more fun to read!! I have never participated in a mock interview, but now I am starting to think I should have taken more advantage of the Career Services at GSU. Mock interviews are probably very helpful to those who take advantage of them. I don’t know why I thought I would silly doing them but in the long room what does a little silliness matter if it helps you improve your interviewing skills. Not taking advantage of the Career Service department is one of the only regrets I have from my time here in college.

16. Lindsey Townson, Interview with a PR professional

Like Allison has said, I have always heard that you have to love what you do and really want to do the PR work because it’s life consuming. I think it has to be that way for most professions but especially PR because you have to work your way up and it could take a long time. I’m thankful that writing is a big part of what most PR professionals do since we have spent so much of our college career writing, whether its press releases, or research papers, I feel as if that all has prepared me. I really enjoyed ready this post. What a lucky thing you got to interview somebody who has had such an impact on the Georgia State athletics.

17. Jeremy Watruba,Viral video

Great video Jeremy. Who knew you could be such a fantastic actor! You should have joined PRSSA so you could have gone to San Diego with us last November. It was so much, although you would have been the only boy from Georgia Southern. There were plenty of guys at the conference though. The video is pretty funny. Since I am VP of PRSSA, we do have a lot more events in the Spring, than we do in the fall. We have Relay for Life and Scoop Night at Brusters. Brusters actually let us work inside taking orders and taking care of the drive through!

18.Jeremy Watruba, Career fair at the RAC

I hate that they tell you to apply online. Although, Maggie from University Directories said that they see who will really take the initiative to apply online and will call those students in for an interview. One of the main things I hate about our technological world now is the fact that applying for jobs is done completely online. I feel as if employers could see me face to face and see my personality; I have a much better chance than just throwing my resume and cover letter at them. But I agree with the frustration you have. I have been to career fairs and felt as if I just wasted an hour out of my time.

19. Kristen Kelly, Are you LinkedIN?

Kristen, I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks to Barbara Nixon, I have known about the benefits of LinkedIn and been able to set up my account professionally and correctly. But I would the majority of students out there do not have a clue as to what LinkedIn even is. It is such a great tool for professionals of all types. I especially enjoy the recommendation aspect of the social networking website. It is like your own personal online resume that is available to anyone. When you type in my name and Public Relations it is one of the top 10 results that pop up.

20.Kristin Bixby, Career fair

Career fairs are so frustrating for public relations majors. I feel as if there are never any companies at the career fairs looking for us which is so frustrating. Although they school does provide more specific career fairs, I feel as if they hardly ever have communication arts career fairs. There was one this spring semester but I believe that is the only one I have heard of in the past two years. We need jobs too!!! This is a good post though Kristin and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post along with many others. Your blog looks great!

21. Allison Allmond, Eagle expo career fair

The career fair at San Diego was hard to feel confident at since there were so many other public relations students there talking to the same companies that you were. Although Marilyn got her starring role on the Vampire Diaries at this event, she is one in a million. Kidding. But in all seriousness, I feel as if a lot of careers fairs are so competitive because there are so many of us talking and competing for the exact same jobs or positions. Maybe there will be even more opportunities for you since you are not graduating just yet. I hope there will be more for you than I was able to take advantage of.

22.Allison Allmond, Maybe it runs in the family

I really really enjoyed reading this post, especially since Uncle Bubba’s is one of my FAVORITE places to eat! I am even taking the family there after graduation in a couple of weeks. I think it is good that she shared that opportunities do not fall into your lap, that you have to be willing to work to be successful. I feel like a lot of students do not realize this because so many of us have had opportunities come knocking on our door and not the other way around. Great advice from your cousin!

23.Emily Roche, Social media friend or foe?

Social media helped me out so much when I was helping Lindsey Wood out with her homecoming campaign as I am sure it helped Fallon out. And it was my biggest way of sharing the word about War of the Wings the two years I was in charge. What a help it was when it rained the first year and we had to move the event to legends. In just  a couple hours the entire community was informed through Facebook that the event was still happening and that it had just moved locations. Thank you Facebook!

24. Emily Roche, Learning from interviewing others in the PR world

I feel as if our focus is spent on APA style writing so much on papers throughout college that we neglect the AP style writing that is most important for our career. Our PR writing and Journalism classes are usually taken at the beginning of the PR program and we do not get that much practice after those courses. I feel like we should be practicing press releases and works similar to improve our AP style so that our writing will be strong when we enter the workplace. Writing and journalism was several semesters ago…I’ve done a lot more different writing since then.

25.Emily Roche, Talking to friends on interning

Emily, I really enjoyed reading this post. The people I asked for advice about internships gave pretty much the same answers as your two people did. The biggest thing I think is to remember you are there to learn AND to work your butt off because this could potentially turn into a job. I am starting my internship in just a couple weeks and I plan on working my hardest while I am there. I am very excited yet nervous at the same time. I hope I am prepared to do everything that is asked of me!


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Social Media Blog Comments

February 7, 2010 at 3:54 pm (Blog comments, PRCA 3030)

Below, I will keep track of all the comments I make on other blogs throughout the semester.

1. Allie Schlumper, How much does Tiger Woods need PR?

You’re exactly right. There’s one thing that has not changed through all of this scandal: Tiger Woods is a great golfer! Pretty soon something like this will happen with another athlete or actor/actress and all attention will be sent to that person, leaving Tiger and his scandal of 2009 behind. Although it won’t be completely forgotten, it will be pushed to the pack of everyone’s minds becoming an insignificant incident. Little boys will still grow up wanting to be “just like the great Tiger Woods” and their parents allowing that to happen because who wouldn’t want their to child to be like Tiger Woods as long as they are just like him when it comes to playing golf, not the personal life of course. Sad isn’t it?

2. Jeff Carter, Body Language Speaks Volume

I feel now, after completing this assignment, I will be focusing on all the things I need to do and need to avoid doing. AHHH I’m scared and having second thoughts on graduating! Most of our body language tips we posted in our blogs are similar to each other. Is it normal to be this freaked out by graduating? I hope so!!

You have “attention-grabbing” titles to your blog posts! They make me want to continue reading to see what you have to say. I also like your quote underneath your name. Pretty clever there, Jeff.

3. Allie Schlumper, Reaction toEdelman Insights Paper Three-Pronged Approach

Allie, we had picked several of the same things that surprised us after reading this paper. I agree with you, I would love to know how search engines keep track of how many people are visiting what site each day. Some technology still baffles me. I also would like to know how many searches have been done up to the current date. 2008 was two years ago and a lot has happened and improved in the internet and technology world since then. Maybe we will be able to figure that out soon…would definitely be interesting to know and keep in mind.

4. Meg Tidmore, For my fellow PR grads

Wow! This is really helpful! It brought up so many points I had never begun to think about before. How scary it is that in just over 2 months we will be out in so-called “real world.” I’m not ready to be a grown up yet, but articles like this sure help me feel more confident, even though I still have a lot of preparation to take care of before May 8 arrives. I hope you keep posting helpful articles like this if you come across them. It is good to have our own little comfort group to share experiences and our findings on tips to helping us succeed and not making the real world seem so scary.

5. Kacie Whigham, Social Media and Wedding Planning?

I had never really thought about using social media to help with planning a wedding. I know it is used to help get the word out and plan other events, like when I did Kappa Delta’s War of the Wings, but never did I think about wedding planning. I wish you luck with all that you are doing with your wedding! Graduation and planning a wedding..what an exciting year for you!!! But a busy one too! I look forward to reading more about your adventures in wedding planning through your blog and on Twitter. I know it will be a beautiful one and such a special day!!

6. Kacie Whigham, TOW 13-David after Dentist

Okay 1st. I forgot how incredibly funny the falling grape lady video is. Even though you know it is so painful, you can’t help but laugh. What about the video where “Scarlett takes a tumble?” That one might be funnier! Look it up if you haven’t seen it!! And the Charlie the Unicorn video has got to be the most annoying thing ever. My 19 year old sister loves and loves saying “candy mountain” over and over again. Why DO these videos catch on? Some days I could sit on YouTube for hours just watching completely random funny and dumb videos. Hah! Thanks for making me laugh tonight!

7. Micaela Carter, What makes a video go viral?

Humor is definitely a common theme in viral videos. Is this because so much of our television shows are reality shows and are not really that funny? So we look to the internet to get our fix of humor. I love that you picked Chris Crocker to talk about! He makes me laugh so hard! Two of my favorites are “Scarlett takes a tumble” and “Single Ladies Gone Wrong.” I laugh just thinking about both of them. It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t just go to YouTube to find funny videos to watch. It seems like that’s all we’ve been doing for years now. What did we do before YouTube??

8. Brittany Cook, TOW 14: Guest Blogger

Wow, I had no idea there was a special software that companies used to track possible future employees social media presence. That is crazy and makes me nervous, even though I know my Facebook and Twitter are both clean and professional. Some of these younger girls on Facebook put up pictures and videos that are more scandalous than what is appropriate for the internet and I don’t think they realize the consequences that could happen later on in the future. The opportunity for jobs and internships could dwindle down because of the information that is being posted on these sites when they are so young. I know on some sites, like Twitter, if you post something, although you delete it from the site, it can still be searchable through search engines for a period of time after deletion.

9. Haley Higgs, I love PRSSA

You forgot to mention one of the reasons you love PRSSA is because of the current Vice President…ME! I think it’s great that you love it so much and you have taken advantage of all the opportunities that have been presented to you through PRSSA. Are you excited about the elections coming up future President of PRSSA?! I know you are! I wish you could have gone to conference with us in San Diego and gotten to experience all the great speakers and seminars we went to. You would have gotten a lot of laughs and me and Megan too! I hope you can get everyone as excited about PRSSA next year as you are and help all the members get excited about meetings, unlike this Spring.

10. Lauren Hopkins, The new resume today: social media resumes

Being able to use social media to its full extent is our generation’s selling point to possible employers. Older employers will be familiar with the internet, but did not grow up using sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, so being able to bring a younger member to the team who finds using these sites easy, is a great benefit to them. Social media resumes are great ways to show companies you are interviewing with just what all you have to offer than some of the older applicants may not be able to show. I have just begun working on my social media resume for this class and I’m excited for it to be finished so I can start showing it off!

11. Emily Roche, How do YOU see social media?

I really like your definition of social media. Social media really is changing the world each time a person uses it out in the internet world. Even since last year, social media has changed how we do things. Do you remember when Facebook first caught on you could only have one picture of yourself and there wasn’t a whole lot to do? I do! Wow has it evolved! Wonder what it will be like 3 years from now? Social media has even changed how we apply for jobs and internships. Now, most companies like you to send your resume through e-mail or submit it through a website! It’s so crazy!

12. Allie Schlumper, How to stay current in PR

Public Relations is a field that is constantly changing. I agree that you will not be able to keep up with the profession if you are not staying current with everything that is going on in the world and internet. The internet, especially social media sites and podcasts are not only the best ways to keep yourself updated with what is happening but are also the easiest way to keep up to date. Barbara Nixon does such a great job of keeping her followers and her students up to date with the newest trends in PR and the biggest news. Thank goodness for her!

13. Mackenzie Stratton, Be my guest Marie Walker!

Lindsey Lohan is CRAZY! That baby does not look anything like her and is not acting like her. She has fallen out of the spotlight and I think because of this she will do anything to get back to being the center of attention, even if it means making ridiculous claims such as this one. I think is a dumb PR stunt on her and her publicist’s part. Lohan needs to give up and maybe clean herself up and then she could get the spotlight attention she is craving, but until then I think it is safe to say that the public is over her and her stunts she continues to pull.

14. Kati Ann Wright, Viral Video for Comm Arts Dept.

This video had me laughing! One of the only ones that I saw produced from Professor Nixon’s class project that was actually funny! It shows how we all feel about this time of year…CRAZY! With all the final projects and exams piling on, I think it’s good to show the fun side of the communication arts department. Even though we are all stressed out to the max, we all get a little looney sometimes and still have lots of fun! Some of these people in Veazy have become my life savers in more ways than one, but especially in making me laugh when I feel like the only solution in life is to quit school!

15. Allie Schlumper, Viral Video

I definitely think Haley is right! Viral video in Statesboro, Georgia, here we come! I think my filming skills are equivalent to James Kicklighters too. That was a fun night…I got to sample all kinds of ice cream and even found my new favorite: Tuxedo Strawberry…yummy! I still didn’t find out exactly how much we raised but I think we had a pretty good crowd come out that night. Brusters is great for allowing us to come in and help them serve ice cream and take orders, along with being able to raise money at the same time. I think it made us feel like we were being more interactive with them and working for the money! Our video turned out cute!

16. Allie Schlumper, Super Bowl Ads

This was my favorite super bowl commercial! There weren’t as many funny ones as there have been in past years. It’s probably because of the price increase in the commercial slot price and the state of the economy. Budlight and Doritos really took over the commercial slots this year. They had to have spent SO much money. Crazy. But this commercial was definitely hilarious. I wonder if the commercials were be funnier next year since there was such talk about them not being as good. I also wonder if the prices will go down or up. I would imagine the price will go up since they went up this year, even though the economy is in the state that it is.

17.Emily Roche, Pr and Sex therapy

Why is it that when one celebrity gets caught cheating with multiple women, others seem to follow suit? Tiger Woods sex scandal did not surprise me or even phase me that much, but Jesse James. That makes me the saddest. Jesse always seemed as if he loved Sandra Bullock so much. Even just at the Oscars she said how much she loved him and thanked him and he cried. Maybe it was an act or maybe he cried because he felt so bad about what he was doing to her and she didn’t know. Either way it makes me so sad that she is heartbroken because she is my favorite actress of all time!

18. Meghan Beytagh, Unpaid internships

This is an interesting thought. Here we are spending our summers or semesters working our butts off for free. Although we have the option of completing an internship or taking Senior Seminar and an extra elective, the internship is encouraged and what will give us the real life experience we are looking for. I never really considered internships being free labor but I guess it is true. One of my friends recently told me that they are not filling a certain position at a company because they have the unpaid intern to do all the same work. Wonder what will happen if there is a law passed?

19. Maranda Butler, Wiki is Wicked

Although I use Wikipedia frequently and love all the information that is easily available to Internet users, I too have heard all my life (or at least in Journalism and PR classes) that Wikipedia is bad. I know to never use it as a reference but what about random facts that everyone knows. I don’t think things get changed all the time, I find most of the stuff I search for on the site helpful. That is crazy how many visits the website gets. But then again, it is the very first source that appears in the Google search page.

20.Marie Walker, What makes a video a viral video?

Okay the wedding video was GREAT!! I just recently attended a wedding that at the reception all the groomsmen and bridesmaids danced silly like that but not down the aisle! Too funny! And what a fun wedding ceremony to remember…I can only imagine what the reception was like afterwards. The risky business fall was only funny to me because I have also fallen hard like that before. And although it hurt bad, I still laughed afterwards and while I was still on my back. Poor Channing in the third video. She  was obviously scared to death and was about to go cry and tell her mommy!

21.Victoria Greene, Ben Roethlisberger

Okay, I have heard about this so much because of the news and because my sister goes to GCSU in Milledgeville. I have been to Capital City, the bar in which Ben R. was accused of sexual assault. This bar is gross. People are doing nasty things on the dance floor and I feel dirty while being in there. Why was this adult in a college bar in the first place, especially some place like this. There are much nicer bars in Milledgeville. Also, this college student was probably intoxicated and probably did not feel as if whatever was going was assault IF they knew what type of celebrity they are dealing with.

22.Haley Higgs, PR crisis communications

This happened on my birthday. I remember opening presents in the living room with the coverage of Columbine on the news behind me. Ironic, my mom bought me the Columbine book for my birthday this year. I can’t wait to read it. This is such a sad tragedy that happened on that Spring day. I guess when tragedies like this occur, you never really think about the crisis management that has to be done in order to keep a school’s image in the public eye. I mean what stops every parent from removing their child from that school and going to another school in the district or another district altogether.

23. Damara Simmons, No smoking!!

Smoking is so gross to me and since I don’t do it, I don’t feel like I should have to smell it when I want to walk in or out of a doorway. Why is it that businesses and school buildings feel they have to put the smoking facilities right by the door? You are not allowed to smoke inside the building so why should you be allowed to smoke right in the doorway? Gross! Smoking is hazardous to everyone. I always joke to my smoker friends and say they won’t be the ones who get lung cancer, it will be me, the non-smoker who gets it because of their second hand smoke.

24. Eryn Pond Braves Career fair

I have always wanted to go to one of the Braves Career Fairs, but have not had the chance to attend one yet. They always fall on the weekends where I am out of town or unable to go. It is good to know that it was so helpful to you though. I will be sure and try to catch the next one that comes up on the calendar. This sounds like it was the perfect thing for you to go to since you are so interested in working in the sports industry. Good luck with everything. Do you know Meghan Smith? She works for the Marketing Dept at Turner Field. She graduated from GSU last Spring.

25. James Kicklighter, Unpaid internships & ethics

This is a good post Mr. Kicklighter. Not only are most internships unpaid, but they also require a little bit of a commute for the intern. So on top of working for free, you are using up gas, which has become quite expensive again recently. I have heard of some internships being unpaid but the intern received some type of compensation or bonus at the completion of their internship. But I am thinking that is the rarity. I like that you brought in the six criteria into your post so that we could all see what was expected out of the companies who have interns.

26. Lauren Hopkins, Passing employer’s “background check”

A person’s online presence is such a huge thing these days. Not only is important to have a strong presence online, but it also so important to make sure that presence is appropriate. So many people post inappropriate pictures or use inappropriate language on their Facebook and Twitter. I just don’t understand it. How can you not be thinking about what other people are seeing or what people might be watching you. Even though all my pictures are blocked, even though they aren’t inappropriate at all, I still get nervous when interviewing. I don’t want anything to offend anyone. It makes me nervous!!

27. Mackenzie Stratton, Videos going viral

OH MY GOSH! The sneezing baby panda about gave me a heart attack! So cute and so funny that it scares mama panda to death! Most of the viral videos that have become so popular are just things that happen in everyday life, like peopling falling or babies dancing, or animals just living their lives. Why do these things catch on so quickly and spread so fast? Is it because we get to watch people fall down, like most of us do, and because we aren’t the ones hurting ourselves it becomes humorous? Who knows, but I definitely love sitting on YouTube going through funny viral videos.

28. Kati Ann Wright, Guest blogger=myself

Aww thanks Kati Ann for allowing me to be your guest blogger. I feel honored! It was a pretty good post if I do say so myself. Social media can be such a scary yet useful tool for us soon-to-be college graduates! Can you believe it? Thank goodness we have had classes like our Social Media class that teaches all the ins and outs of social media and its tools. This puts us at an advantage to other graduates from schools who don’t offer or encourage such use of social media tools.

29.Kati Ann Wright, Kate Gosselin and Dancing

I am so glad Kate stayed on Dancing with the Stars as long as she did. I wanted her to be better than she was so she could make it even longer. She has done such a good job of presenting herself well in the public after all that she has gone through with John and the kids. She looks great and she seemed to hold herself together well, even when she found out she was getting kicked off the show. I want her to do well and get her and her kids out of the public eye for a little while.

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