Survival Guide Ch. 10

April 18, 2010 at 3:16 pm (PRCA 3030, Reading Notes)

Chapter 10: Social Media Newsrooms

  • A social media newsroom (SMNR) is similar to a traditional online newsroom, it lists media coverage, news releases, events, media contact information, but also includes social media and Web 2.0 elements that allow visitors to share and interact with its content.
  • A SMNR is for individuals or businesses that tend to get or want to get a lot of media coverage, or who put out news releases on a regular basis.
  • A newsroom tells members of the media & prospective clients that you are making a serious effort to make their jobs easier.
  • A social media newsroom should not replace your existing Website. You still want a place for blogging and to have a more traditional place to present other information. You will also do all of your “selling” on your website. Your SMNR is NOT A SALES TOOL.
  • Your newsroom is meant to be a neutral place to present all of your media materials, just like a mega-news release.
  • A SMNR means that each entry in your newsroom, from a news release to a simple image, can be automatically indexed in search engines, RSS feed indexes, and social bookmarking services, since each entry is added as a separate entry that can be given its own key terms.
  • Your SMNR is NOT a sales tool.
  • It is best to build your newsroom using a blogging or CMS platform such as WordPress.
  • A social media news release is essentially a traditional news release that is social media & Web 2.0 optimized. In short, the release encourages interactivity, is easily shared in the Social Web, and contains other Web 2.0 elements.
  • You can use PRWeb to create your own social media releases.

Note: The reading notes above came from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web. 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, tactics, and tooks for succeeding in the social web. This is a book written by Deltina Hay.

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