TOW 14: Guest Blogger

April 16, 2010 at 5:04 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week")

The following is a description of our blogging topic of the week for my PR and Social Media class:

This week’s topic was inspired by Adam Vincenzini’s Be My Guest month: post something by a guest blogger. Connect with another blogger (it can, but doesn’t have to, be someone in your class) and exchange blog posts for the week. (You don’t have to write something new . . . share your favorite post you’ve written this semester.) In your own blog, make it really clear that the post is written by another person, and link to your guest’s blog.

I chose my guest blogger to be Kacie Whigham. The following post came from her personal blog. I chose this particular post because it is one of the most interesting PR connection Kacie has written about. It grabbed my attention right away.


Celebrities are going untouched on magazine covers. Is this a PR stunt or just true honesty?

Recently, Jessica Simpson made headlines by going Untouched on the cover of Marie Claire. Apparently, Jessica didn’t even wear any makeup. Just last year, she was in the news for being overweight. In response, she has a new TV show out, called “Price of Beauty” in which her and couple of her friends travel all around the world, learning what beauty means in different cultures.

Is it just coincidence that all of this happens one after another? I think not. Jessica must have an awesome PR team behind her… fighting what media has made “beauty” to be. She is fighting back and people and listening.

Also in the news for going “untouched” in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Kim’s comment on the message of the nude picture is “embrace your curves and who you are.”

The difference with Kim is that she is also an endorser for Quicktrim, a diet plan she claims to have used herself. Well, if she’s telling girls everywhere to embrace their curves, why is she drinking tasteless formula drinks daily instead of eating healthy full meals?

That doesn’t sound like embracing your curves to me. Maybe her PR team needs to take a look at Jessica’s and go for the natural workout approach.


  1. Antonio said,

    To be in the public eye and going untouched for personal reasons takes a lot of guts. If I were that kind of individual I wouldnt care what others think. Individuality is what makes us special……

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  3. ladyd23 said,

    I feel like the “untouched” idea is spreading like rapid forest fire. Honestly though, I don’t think that people like Jessica Simpson really want to be “untouched” or that they really stand behind this “embrace your natural beauty” movement. I just think that people and companies like Jessica Simpson have great PR people who look at trends and do research on the average person. They take the research that they find and they create a campaign that connects with the masses. People like Jessica Simpson will never stop using beauty products or surgically fixing their “problem areas” it’s all just a publicity stunt in order to get the masses to believe in their product or idea. I am not saying that promoting natural beauty is bad; all that I am saying is that whatever sells is what the media will use to reach the masses. So if the masses bite on sex they will give them sex, and if they bite on family values then they will target campaigns with those values at them in order catch their attention. All they need is your attention and then they can sell you anything. For example, the men’s Tag body spray, they know that young guy’s main concern is connecting with opposite sex. Breaking the ice and getting that initial first impression with a girl is key for young male adults. Tag took that awkward first moment and became a part of the solution. Now when a guy thinks of Tag body spray they think of getting in good with the ladies. For entertainment purposes checkout this Tag body spray commercial on YouTube called The Body Spray: The Mom it’s funny and is a great example of a great campaign.

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