PRSSA Ice Cream & Fundraisers

April 14, 2010 at 5:24 pm (PR Connections, PRCA 3030)

For my Social Media in PR class, we were asked to create a viral video. For this project I worked with fellow classmate Allie Schlumper to create a viral video for our PRSSA chapter at Georgia Southern University.

For the video, I chose to capture some footage from our Bruster’s Scoop Night held Tuesday April 13. This fundraiser was held to help raise money for the PRSSA and SOCS Relay for Life team. Our primary client we focused on was PRSSA, although SOCS also helped out with the fundraiser.

Below is our video. Let me know what you think and help it become viral!

1 Comment

  1. katiann4710 said,

    I enjoyed this post and video very much! I loved the fact that you went and captured PRSSA actively holding a fundraiser in the community, super cool! The video was really cute and informative, but most importantly showed those of us that are not a part of the organziation what PRSSA does “hands on.” I’m so glad you posted this and captured it for those of us who could not attend. Thanks!
    -Kati Ann

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