TOW Week 13: Viral Videos

April 13, 2010 at 4:46 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week")

For the topic of the week this week, we were asked to talk about viral videos.

According to, a viral video is a video that spread quickly via the Internet. It is often a short clip on a video sharing site such as YouTube that people reference in blogs, e-mails, and instant messages.

One of the trends I see in the majority of viral videos is the humor aspect. Is a video being funny what makes it become viral and spread like wildfire over the Internet?

One of my favorite videos that become viral is called “Scarlet takes a tumble.” It starts off slow with a girl singing on top of a coffee table when all of a sudden she takes a step and the video turns bad…or hilarious, whichever way you want to look at it. Watch the video below to form your own opinion. This video has over 12 million visits! That is a ton of people watching!

My other favorite video is called “Beyonce Clown.” In this video two girls are reenacting the dance to Beyonce’s  “Single Ladies.” One of the girls is wearing a clown mask and they look like they are doing a good job at the dance when the one with mask misjudges exactly how far away the television is. HILARIOUS! Watch for yourself! This video has over three million visits.

Viral videos seem to becoming more and more popular as the world of social media gets larger. And all of the videos seem to be humerous in some way or another. People are sharing these videos through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. They are also being shared through e-mails, chat rooms, and blogging sites, along with the video hosting sites they are being found on. Celebrities are being born through these viral videos and appearing on such television shows as TMZ and The Soup.

What are your favorite viral videos? Let me know by leaving a comment on this blog post.


  1. Antonio said,

    hahahah, This is very hilarious, this just shows that funny happens when we are not even meaning to be funny. Kind of bad —- hurt = funny

  2. Blog Comments « The Mind of a young man! said,

    […] #7 Antonio said, April 21, 2010 at 8:28 pm hahahah, This is very hilarious, this just shows that funny happens when we are not even meaning to […]

  3. eroche1 said,

    Love your viral video picks! I am going to have to say that, “Scarlet takes a tumble,” is one of my personal favorites. I watch so many of them and then I forget about them. Thanks for reminding me about this classic video. The clown Beyonce one I have seen before too. It is pretty funny, but I will say it is a bit scary. Haha. I think we must have the same taste in viral videos. In my blog and in yours we both mention that it is humor that makes viral videos such a big hit. I think we should share more viral videos with one another in the future!

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