Survival Guide Ch. 7

April 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm (PRCA 3030, Reading Notes)

Chapter 7: Social Bookmarking & Crowd-Sourcing

  • Social bookmarking is a way for you to save your favorite blogs and Websites in a public space the same way you might save them using your own Web browser.
  • Imagine that you have saved (or bookmarked) all of your favorite Websites and blogs to a central place online & tagged them with specific terms so you could easily search them & find them later.
  • Instead of search engines providing you with the “supposed” best matches for your search terms, you can go to a social bookmarking site, search using those same terms, and find the top sites tagged (and commented on) by users just like you.
  • is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites.
  • Many of the social bookmarking sites have developed social networking characteristics as well.
  • Other popular social bookmarking sites are: Technorati, StumpleUpon, & Searchles.
  • A crowd-sourced news site allows its users to determine the popularity of a news story, blog entry, or Website through various types of voting or rating systems. Many of these sites also have some certain social aspects, allowing users to connect to others with similar interests.
  • This system gives news-searchers an alternative to what is served up to them by the regular news sites.
  • Once you have an account with a crowd-sourced news site, you can add your content and/or rate existing content.
  • is an example of a crowd-sourcing site.
  • Some of the other popular crowd sourcing sites are: reddit, Mixx, & Gabbr.
  • Crowd-sourced news sites are different from social bookmarking sites in that they focus on sharing news and information about stories, Websites, and blogs, as opposed to sharing bookmarks to Websites or blogs.

Note: The reading notes above came from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web. 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, tactics, and tooks for succeeding in the social web. This is a book written by Deltina Hay.

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