Survival Guide Ch. 2-3

March 25, 2010 at 1:30 pm (PRCA 3030, Reading Notes)

Chapter 2: Preparation

  • Keywords are the terms that help search engine robots properly categorize your Website in the search engines.
  • In social application, “tags” are the equivalent to keywords or key terms.
  • Before you begin creating your profile you need to make two decisions:

1. What “entity” will you be representing in the Social Web?

2. Which person within your organization will be representing you in the Social Web?

  • After answering each of the two above questions, decide on a couple of your best tags and be sure to use that tag in every description and biography from that point forward.

Chapter 3: RSS Feeds & Blogs

  • RSS=Really Simple Syndication
  • RSS feed is a way of syndicating (sharing) information across the Internet.
  • A feed can be compared to that of a subscription, like getting your local paper delivered to your doorstop, every story within the paper is delivered to your desktop.
  • Before you are able to subscribe to an RSS feed, you will need to access a feed reader or a “aggregator.” A popular feed reader is Google Fee Reader.
  • RSS fee is an XML file that is formatted so any feed reader can decipher and organize the contents of the file. The result is a file containing many stories (called items) that is kept up to date by the feed’s author.
  • A blog is an RSS feed.
  • You do NOT need a reader to access RSS feeds, only to subscribe to them.
  • There are options for creating an RSS feed

1. Create your RSS feed from an XML file

2. Use software to create your RSS feed

3. Use your blog as your RSS feed

  • A blog is a tool for posting information chronologically and allowing others to comment. Posts can be organized into categories and indexed using tags that are read by blog indexes (much the same way as key terms are read by search engines.)

Note: The reading notes above came from the textbook A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web. 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, tactics, and tooks for succeeding in the social web. This is a book written by Deltina Hay.

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