TOW Week 9 & 10: PROpenMic

March 18, 2010 at 5:55 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week")

The topic of the week for weeks nine and ten was PROpenMic. PROpenMic is a social network for students, faculty, and practitioners. They claim to be a worldwide network for connections and learning.

I have been a member of PROpenMic for a little over a year now. Although I have created an account, I am not a frequent user of the site. This social networking site, like many others, gives you, the user, the ability to post information about yourself including a link to your blog and Twitter. It even allows you to add photos if you choose.

One of the cool things about PROpenMic is the “Job/Internships” section. On this particular part of the site you are able to see recent searchs for job and internships resources. If you were to click on a link in this section, it takes you right to the source of the posting and you are able to find contact information in order to start the application process. The major PR publications that help keep a running list of job and internship openings on this site are:

PROpenMic has a “forum” section. A forum is an online discussion board, sometimes also called message boards. Members are able to post discussion questions or topics. These are great for getting feedback or advice, especially from practitioners.

There is also a video section located on the social networking site. You are able to narrow your search for videos by choosing from the following categories:

  • PR Week video interviews
  • YouTube PR channels
  • Daily Dog video channel
  • PR OpenMic video chat

This site also offers group and event capabilities. As a member you are able to create events and visit other events members have created through the site. There are groups that have been created by other members. If you are familar with, the groups are similar to the ones on that particular site. You are able to create groups and join groups according to your interests or activiites.

Although PROpenMic is similar to other social networking sites available, I think that it is also has a uniqueness that other sites do not have with it’s forum capabilities and the job/internships section.



  1. jeffcarter3 said,

    This was a very good post. I to have had an account for almost a year now but do not use it frequently. With the various social networking sites available its hard to keep up with them all. You are right that this site does offer good features that are helpful to PR students or professionals. In the competitive job market any thing you can do to help yourself get an edge is good. This site offers that potential edge. It is nice that this site targets a specific profession and tailors to the needs of many PR people. Look forward to reading many more of your posts.

  2. Blog Comments « Jeff Carter said,

    […] 2) TOW 9 & 10: PROpenMic […]

  3. eroche1 said,

    13.) I too have had a PR OpenMic and just am learning how to navigate it! Your post really helped me a lot in learning new ways to use the PR OpenMic. This was easy to follow because you used the bullet points on your blog to show the section on PR OpenMic. I never knew that there was a youtube section on the web site so I think it may be a good idea if we uploaded our podcast onto the website. All in all I believe that you really have a good understanding of the website and because I am learning your post really has helped me in working with the extremely important website.

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