TOW Week 8: Podcasting

March 8, 2010 at 9:56 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week")

This week, our topic of the week is to discuss podcasting and the benefits it provides. According to the definition of a podcast is:

a pre-recorded audio program that’s posted to a website and is made available for download so  people can listen to them on personal computers or mobile devices.

The name “pod” casting originated from the Apple iPod. Although the name originated from Apple’s most well-know product, podcasting is not limited to just the iPod.  Listeners are able to subscribe to their favorite podcasts. When a listener subscribes to a podcast, the casts are automatically delivered to them via computer or mobile device. The most popular tool used to listen to podcasts is iTunes.

Podcasts can be very helpful to keeping up and becoming aware of the different things going on in the public relations world. Some PR practitioners have created podcasts in order to keep their publics updated with everything happening so that communication can be successful in the PR community.

Podcasting has become more and more popular within the last few years as technology and the mobile web has evolved into a revoultion. Listening to podcasts can be increasingly helpful to students studying public relations (or studying anything in communications). Podcasts can be thought of as a way to help people with the same interests stay connected.  Part of being a public relations professional means that you have to be current with all things that are going on in the world, as well as the other pr professionals/practitioners out there.

There are websites designed especially for finding podcasts according to your interests or topic of choice. Below are some websites that might be helpful in finding podcasts according to your interests:

Check out at least one of these sites, find something that interests you and let me know what you like best about podcasting!



  1. kdwhigham said,

    I did not know that pod originated from the term iPod. Makes sense though. It’s pretty cool to find out where the origins of words come from. Although you can use podcasting anywhere, no wonder apple products make it really easy to podcast:-)

  2. Blog Comments « From Student to Life said,

    […] 6. April 1, 2010 TOW Week 8: Podcasting by Jessica Cameron […]

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