TOW Week 6: “Social Media: Friend or Foe?”

March 3, 2010 at 4:20 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week")

This week, we were asked to listen to “Social Media: Friend or Foe?”. David Biesack, Shel Holtz, Vida Killian, Terry McKenzie, and Jim Ylisela discuss, “concerns and objections around the adoption of social media communication channel.” The discussion was recorded on October 16, 2008 during the Ragan Communications conference, “Corporate Communications in the Era of Web 2.0.”

The goal of this particular session was to answer all the questions people have social media. The panelists, (David, Shel, Vida, Terry, and Jim) were introduced and the questions started flowing. Each panelist start answering the questions that are thrown at them with their opinions.

A lot of the questions asked revolved around politics instead of just mainly focusing on social media. If a consumer is having issues or doubts about a company and/or its customer service, they should be able to post that question or concern on their choice of social media and expect to get some sort of response in return. Social media is such a great tool for companies to take advantage of. Social media sites give companies the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their consumer audience. As well as giving customers a response to their questions and/or concerns and building that important relationship, social media also gives companies the advantage of learning what the consumer wants and/or needs.

If used the correct way, social media has the ability to expand consumer-company relations more than ever imaginable before. Social media has all the potential to be a company or consumers best friend. It also has the potential to be an enemy to the person who does not realize how to use social media correctly. For example, if a college student uses and posts inappropriate pictures of he/she drinking underage and looking very unprofessional. This student could apply for a job/internship and the company where he/she applied might have somebody “google” this person and the pictures were then found. Social media could technically be considered the enemy then.

If social media is used correctly and responsibly, it can be somebody’s best friend. So be wise when taking advantage of the social media sites available on the Internet.



  1. Brittany Maree said,

    I agree with you about social media and the positive ways that it can be utilized. Social media allows a company to build a personal relationship with customers. It also allows you to market to a mass group of people and reach people globally. Social media also allows companies to receive feedback as well. Feedback is vital to the function of a company because companies learn how successful their products, marketing, and advertising really are in the eye of a consumer. This can help them understand what they should and should not continue to do. Social media is changing the way companies communicate with their publics.

  2. aschlum1 said,

    I really like what you said about social media and how it can expand consumer-company relations if it is used in the correct way. Social media can help a company immensely if it is used in the right way. The Facebook example is a great one. If someone uses Facebook and posts not so great pictures on the site, it has the potential to really hurt them when they are looking for a job. People always need to be cautious of the information they post on the internet about themselves.

  3. Blog Comments « AllieSchlumper's Blog said,

    […] Jessica Cameron, TOW Week 6: “Social Media: Friend or Foe?”, March 9, […]

  4. Jeremy said,

    Over the course of this Social Media class, I am finding out how relevant social media is becoming. Many people are denying it, and are only getting left behind is this growing age of technology. I agree with your opinion about the how social media can either hurt or help you, depending on how you choose to use it. I also liked your Facebook example. It seems to be becoming a huge deal that students are having trouble getting job because of their unmanaged Facebook accounts with inappropriate photos and quotes. That reminds me, I should definitely edit mine very soon.

  5. eroche1 said,

    15.) I completely agree with your post about social media being a friend and a foe. Yes, social media sites are extremely helpful in everyday life. We can use them to receive all different sorts of information and help us make connections in the business world. Your point about making sure what a person puts on a social media site is very important. I agree with you that this is when social media may become a foe. Someone else could have posted the picture and the person did not have enough time to “untag” the photo before the businesses got a hold of it. Once again I agree with you that it is everyone’s own responsibility to make sure there internet usage is clean.

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