Tiger Woods’ Apology…

February 21, 2010 at 4:28 pm (PR Connections, PRCA 3030)

On February 19, 2010, Tiger Woods addressed the public and issued an apology for the sex scandal that was made public just months before. This apology was Woods’ first public appearance since his car accident in November. This public apology aired on CNN and although it was open to limited media, no questions were allowed to be asked.

Below is the video footage of the entire public apology that aired.

Do you think Tiger Woods wrote this speech? Did you believe him and his apology?

These are some of the questions that I asked of myself immediately after watching his live public apology. To be honest, I feel as if Tiger did not write this speech himself, even if the tabloids says he did. To me, it felt very unrehearsed as he was reading it to the public. I feel if Tiger was ready to address all the rumors and the sex scandal he was involved in, he should have been a little more prepared to do so. It was very obvious he was reading the speech that was written in front of him. This could have just been Tiger’s nerves coming out, but I feel as if it was much more than that.

I don’t really believe Tiger after hearing his apology. Nothing he said seemed very sincere. On top of not seeming sincere in his public apology, he also read close to every word. Tiger could not even say he was sorry to his wife, mom, and children without reading it straight from the paper on the podium in front of him. Although it was the right time for Tiger Woods come out and publicly apologize after he had been seeking help in a type of rehab facility for a couple months, if he felt he could not be sincere or at least act sincere in his apology, maybe he should have waited a little bit.

I feel this apology was forced upon him by his publicist and that it made him look worse than he already looked in the public eye.



  1. Lauren Hopkins said,

    I thought the same questions to myself as I watched ESPN commentators debate whether or not Tiger Woods wrote the speech himself. I don’t think Tiger wrote the speech as well because it didn’t seem personal, Rather it came across as a publicity stunt that he was forced to do by his publicists. I learned throughout my college career giving presentations and speeches along with taking public speaking class that when a person addresses an audience, they have to relate to the audience and not just read their notes.

  2. eroche1 said,

    I am going to have to agree with you on Tiger’s apology. I am sure his publicist did in fact make him do this and not only that, but have someone write his speech for him. This makes the apology not as sincere. This also happened in the case of Chris Brown. His apology seemed very rehearsed and not from the heart. These people need to learn how to give a real apology. The problem with that could lie in the fact that they are not sorry for their actions what so ever and in that case they should not be made to apologize by publicist. I did like the fact that you posted the apology!!

  3. Antonio said,

    Im reallyunsure why Tiger is wasting his time. He really has no one to answer to, but his wife. Common men wouldnt go publicly to make this embarrasing move. To the world he will be viewed so differently now. Poor Tiger.

  4. Blog Comments « The Mind of a young man! said,

    […] #8 Antonio said, April 21, 2010 at 8:32 pm Im really unsure why Tiger is wasting his time. He really has no one to answer to, but his wife. […]

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