TOW Week 4: Twitter Definitions of Social Media

February 5, 2010 at 3:11 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week") (, )

Adam Vincenzini asked on Twitter and on his blog for people to share their definitions of “social media” with him, in 140 characters or fewer. Read through the list of definitions that were shared with Adam. Pick a few that resonate with you and discuss why these definitions “work” for you. Develop your OWN 140-character definition of social media.

Since in the Twitter world, Twitter users have learned to have conversations and state their mind in 140 characters or less, it is only appropriate that asked Adam Vincenzini his followers to create their own definition of “social media” and keep it under 140 characters or less. I have picked some of my top definitions from Adam’s experiment to share.

@jgarant A borderless space to consume & share information & opinions – to engage directly with inductry minds & develop personally and professionally
@mattsingley Social media is online content & communication that is interactive & dynamic, not controlled by any one person or entity
@LucySofiano Its a revolution of waterfountain gossip, cocktail party banter & has opened my world to new and exciting people, possibilities and places*
There are more than 100 Twitter-definitions given on Adam’s blog. Out of all the definitions given, the three above are the ones that stood out most in my mind. Is there a correct definition of what social media is? I think Adam’s post is evidence that there is not necessarily a correct or right definition of social media or the purpose of social media. All the millions of users of social media has their own definition of what social media sites do for them or why they use them.
My personal definition in 140 characters or less would be:
@jcam19 Social media is a way of communicating through online sites whether for business, pleasure, or interest in sharing your personal thoughts.


  1. Natalia said,

    I think @jgarant’s definition of social media is one of the most accurate because there really are no real restrictions as to what can be shared through social media. So many ideas and opinions are usually lost in traditional media. These are the ideas that we look forward to reading, listening to, viewing through social media channels. I agree with you, when you say that there really is not a “correct” definition for social media. However, through reading over the definitions that the 140 characters came up with there is a general consensus that can be fine tuned into a concept for social media; what it is and how to use it. I really enjoyed your post!


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  3. aschlum1 said,

    I think your definition of social media is really good. All of the definitions that were given were so different, but so alike at the same time. It is interesting to find out how so many different people feel about social media and what it actually is. There are a lot of ways to define social media and reading all of these definitions gives a valuable insight on what the most common concept of social media really is. It took me a while to come up with my definition of social media because it is hard to put something that is so broad into only 140 characters or less.

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