TOW Week 2: “Haitian Earthquake Crisis, American Red Cross, & the Use of Social Media”

January 23, 2010 at 3:43 pm (PRCA 3030, TOW "Topic of the Week") (, , )

On Tuesday, January 10, 2010, Haiti experienced tragedy and terror as an earthquake shook Port au Prince  measuring at a 7 MMS. Two days following this tragedy, 52 aftershocks were recorded measuring at  4.5 MMS or higher. Two hundred thousand people are expected to have their lives taken from them thus far. Mass graves were being re-opened and dug to create space for all the bodies who fell victim to this natural disaster.

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Countries around the world are coming together to offer support and help to Haiti. The American Red Cross has really stepped forward in the attempt to relieve Haiti from the disaster that has struck this month. The American Red Cross has used social media during this disaster to help raise money and awareness of the extent of the earthquake in Haiti. The American Red Cross has kept up on their blog, that can be found on the web page, and their Twitter.

Through Twitter the American Red Cross has been able to keep their followers updated on what is going on currently in Haiti and the measures that are being taken to offer help to the country and people over there.

The American Red Cross has created a way to give $10 just by sending a text “HAITI” to 90999, which will be added to your cell phone bill. Each cell phone service provider is broadcasting this message on their homepage, along with commercials airing on television.

Celebrities, such as Lady GaGa, are offering their support by donating proceeds from their merchandise to Haitian relief. Lady GaGa is getting the word out about your Haiti Relief t-shirts by updating her tweets. Her #GAGAFORHAITI has become a popular trending topic on twitter. Lady GaGa also has created a special shirt where all proceeds go to relief which can be purchased through her official website.

Through “word of my mouth” so to speak, the news of being capable to donate to Haiti earthquake relief has spread incredibly quick through celebrity tweets, trending topics on Twitter, fan pages on facebook, blogs, and other means of social media. Thanks to social media the amount of money raised for Haiti is a larger sum made possible to the social media craze going on throughout the world.



  1. jeffcarter3 said,

    It is very true that the American Red Cross is coming up with new and inventive ways to raise money for the people of Haiti. The ways you have listed have been extremely effective in helping the people of Haiti but there are other ways that they are helping that many are not aware of. They are on multiple social media websites (flickr, youtube, facebook, etc.) with ways to contribute and create overall awareness as to how bad the situation actually is. They have even setup a site where people can register to find their friends and family in Haiti. For more examples you can visit my blog:

  2. Blog Comments « Jeffcarter3's Blog said,

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  3. aschlum1 said,

    As soon as I saw the Lady Gaga shirt, I knew this was your blog post! As upsetting as the crisis in Haiti is, it is great to see so many people and non-profit organizations coming together to help people that are in need.

  4. Blog Comments « AllieSchlumper's Blog said,

    […] 3. Jessica Cameron, TOW Week 2: “Haitian Earthquake Crisis, American Red Cross, & the Use of Social Media&#82… […]

  5. jameskick said,

    Haiti relief through Social Media has been an interesting situation, because we have never seen so many people come together to help others through networks like Twitter and Facebook, because they haven’t been popular enough in the past. I’m curious to see where it’s going in the future.

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  7. Jayme said,

    This is truly a tragedy, but for whatever reason, i feel like social media was a leading way in helping all of the relief efforts. People took to Twitter to help with awareness, but then the cell phone campaigns were amazing as well. The American Red Cross as well as Yele did an excellent job in getting people to donate.

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