Top 10 Things I Learned in Publications

December 1, 2009 at 8:40 pm (PRCA 3339)

In my Public Relations Publications class, taught by Mrs. Barbara Nixon, we were asked to create a slide show on 10 of the mot important things we learned during the Fall 2009 semester. Below is what I found most interesting or important throughout the semester in this particular class.

Top 10 Things I Learned in PR Publications
1. How to Work with a Group
  • Our Segmenting Publics group project at the beginning of the semester was the first group project I had done throughout college
  • You have to learn to adapt & cooperate w/classmates in order to be successful in a  group project
2. C.R.A.P.
  • Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
  • Before this class, I did not realize how many design principles go into the design of brochures, business cards, letterheads, flyers, etc.
  • A successful publication design is based on more than just what you might think looks good, these 4 elements assist in the design development

3. Segmenting Publics

  • Never before had I given much thought to how companies choose what people/publics to target their product, advertisements, etc.
  • In order to discover your target audience you must pull apart that audience in something we call segmenting. (Demographics, psychographics, sociographics)
4. Paper
  • Before this class, I had not put much thought into the type of paper used for brochures, flyers, etc.
  • The type and look of paper affects the readers’ perception of  your publication & the content it contains
5. Photography
  • I had never realized how many single elements are in just one photograph
  • Photographs are taken for so many different & portray so many different moods
  • Two people can look at the same photograph & see completely different things
6. Color Usage
  • The color you choose to use in your publication can be just as/if not more effective on your audience
  • Color has been shown to affects a readers’ mood & attracts an eye to certain areas of copy
7. Blogging is Important
  • Although I had to create my blog in my Intro to PR class, I didn’t learn the benefits available from blogging until this semester
  • A company I blogged about this semester shared my blog through Twitter. I had also planned to apply for an internship w/this company before blogging about them.
  • Blogging is also a way to keep your resume` and portfolio digital & a way to build your “Google hits”
8. Logotypes
  • Logotypes create brand identity
  • We recognize items are products of certain brands because we recognize their logos
9. Use of White Space
  • I had always thought white space in a publication was not good, but too little white space can be overwhelming to your reader
  • Correct use of white space can be extremely effective in your publication
10. Fonts
  • I learned there are all types of fonts that you can download to your computer from the internet
  • is one of the websites where you can find hundreds of different fonts

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