PRWeek “Opposing Forces: PR Aims to keep upward momentum in a down economy”

November 24, 2009 at 12:06 am (PRCA 3339)

Recently I read an article entitled “Opposing Forces: PR aims to keep upward momentum in a down economy” by Tanya Lews in the PRWeek Career Guide 2009.

After reading this article,  I am feeling a little bit better about the possibility of finding a job in May, when I graduate. The author of this article believes that maybe, the recession in the economy is really just a way to startover, kind of like a reset button for the economy. A lot of agencies and firms have decided that the recession has led to a biggger talent pool to pull employees from. Because companies are having less positions to fill and interview for, they have the ability to be extremely picky and look for the talent that used to be “mandatory” in finding any job. The larger talent pool adds more competition and challenges for entry-level candidates, but it also re

This article also pinpoints on the fact that clients, who are looking for somebody to work with them, are looking for social media specialists. New graduates are looking like they are the best candidates for those positions because so many of the newest graduates grew up with MySpace, Facebook, etc. and are familiar and confident in using social media services.

Several public relations firms, like, Makovsky & Company, have avoided letting employees go because they believe getting rid of current employees makes it harder to come back from the recession in the economy. Instead of reducing staff, companies like, Edelman have cut back on paid interns, only using unpaid interns achieving school credit. They report that this may reduce efficiency and quality of work initially, but their junior staff’s management skills get more practice and development because they are overseeig the unpaid interns.


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