Blog Post #4: Photography

October 23, 2009 at 2:41 pm (PRCA 3339)

I completed the PoytnerNewsU course Language of the Image today.

What I learned

Before participating in this course I had no idea how many single elements were a part of the art of photography. There are so many different wants to capture a photograph and so many different things (emotions, moods, etc) that can be portrayed to the audience through that photograph. A single photograph can contain a single element or it can contain multiple elements. A photograph could can contain as many as 5 or 6 different elements. Photographs like this can be extremely complex and can take a lot of talent and a good eye to be able to create.

What suprised me

How certain pictures are so pleasing to the eye because of the graphics that are within a picture. Photographs that include repetitive shapes (i.e. circles, lines, designs) are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are usually considered strong photographs.

Below is an example I found from

The shadow of the railing adds lines to the picture and makes this picture more appeasing to the eye. s

The shadow of the railing adds lines to the picture and makes this picture more appeasing to the eye.

I have always thought that photography was just something a person could pick up as a hobby and if you practiced it long enough you could be pretty good. This might be true but there is a lot more to photography than just snapping a picture of something that you or somebody else might find interesting. It is a true art and just like anything else it takes practice and studying of the art form to be able to become a professional.

What I want to learn more about

I would like to learn more about the graphic element of photography. I think it is extremely neat how somebody can capture a picture that has so many graphic elements, even in action shots where the original intention was not to capture the graphic element. I also would like to learn more about how to capture different emotions and moods with the same photograph or different elements of the same scene/person/etc. through separate photographs.

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LinkedIn Time Line

October 20, 2009 at 11:20 am (PRCA 3339)

For my Advertising class, we were assigned groups & topics to create a notebook and presentation on. My group, consisting of four public relations majors (myself, Amy Gemmel, Allie Schlumper, and Lindsey Townson), was given LinkedIn as our topic. We were somewhat excited about this topic, considering the 4 of us are all majoring in Public Relations and we have recently learned how to use LinkedIn and the importance it has as a professional network. One of my designated elements of the project was to create a timeline of the company’s history and important achievements. I have included the time line below and hope to be able to include more of my project on my blog as it is completed.

My groups completed presentation on LinkedIn can be found on Allie Schlumper’s blog.

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InDesign Best Practices

October 14, 2009 at 11:53 am (PRCA 3339)

In my Public Relations Publications class, we were asked to pick out our “best practice” in either InDesign or WordPress and turn them into a presentation for our class. I chose to show the class how to place a picture in an InDesign docu ment. I have added my powerpoint version of the presentation to my blog, which I made into a handout for each student in the class to have as their own reference.

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