Blog Post #3: Typography

September 27, 2009 at 8:12 pm (PRCA 3339)

There are several different factors that go into designer’s decision on which typefaces (fonts) to use in a publication. A designer should choose a font that “complements the personality” of his/her organization and use it continuously throughout the identity symbols according to Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics. The designer should choose a font that reinforces an organization’s identity. The designer must also think about the public they are targeting and if they should stick to a traditional font or go with a more modern one. They have to then consider the size of the font (this will depend on the type of publication being created) and what font style would be deemed appropriate.

According to, the best font size to use on a business card is 7 or 8 point for your address and contact information and use one point size bigger for your name. For the company name, you should use a bigger font, somewhere between 12 and 15 point. This website said to NEVER print your address in less than 6 point font, NEVER print your name in larger than 11 point font, and NEVER print your address in larger than 9 point font.

I found this interesting  website, when searching for the correct font to use on a business card. This article detailed the nine most common mistakes made on business cards.

According to, most fonts for subheadings and headings in a brochure are typically 14 point font and the remaining text is typically around 12 point font. The font in the brochure must be readable by people of all ages, but must not be too big (looks as if there wasn’t enough information to fill a brochure) or too small (difficult to read).

Below, I have listed a couple of websites that I found using to find free, legal fonts to download to your computer.

This is a cool video I found on on how to install new fonts onto your computer.

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