Blog Post #2: Segmenting Publics: Prevent Child Abuse Bulloch County

September 20, 2009 at 5:09 pm (PRCA 3339)

The client I chose is Prevent Child Abuse Bulloch County.

I believe the main focus of their organization is to inform the public about child abuse and make them aware of how frequently it occurs and to try and raise money to help create that awareness.

This is how I would segment the public for PCABC.

Generation X & Generation Y.

Generation X because they are the generation that either already has children or the younger people in that generation may be just beginning to start a family so they need to be aware of what is happening to children in this country and possibly even some of their children’s friends or classmates. They are also the ones who value their jobs, so they would be able to donate money to this organization in support of their cause.

I also chose Generation Y because they are the generation that either already has children or will be having children in the near future. They are the ones who will be concerned with how their children’s classmates are living and what could be happening to them.  They will be the ones who can turn this age of child abuse around and make the world a safer place for our children and future generations.

I would try not to pick just one social class because children are abused in all social classes. Although I might focus more on the upper class and middle class because they would be most likely where the bigger and more donations would come from.

It would be hard to determine whether to target more women or men. Both are known to be abusers, but I feel women are more likely to feel more compassion when it comes to seeing children who have been abused & wanting to help them out.

I don’t think I would segment the public according to national origin either, because race and ethnicity does not determine whether or not you are a more violent person.

My brochure design might be impacted by how the publics are segmented because pictures might be of all races, ethniticities, social classes, and ages might appear. I would try to incorporate as many different types as I could to try and hit every public. I think people associate child abuse with lower social classes and not really with the upper (elite) class at all. I would try to get the point across in my brochure, that abusing children is not always subject to social class. Upper class families are violent and abusive also.

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