Blog Post #1: CRAP

September 11, 2009 at 3:04 pm (Assignments, PRCA 3339)

CRAP is an acronym used to describe the art of creating a good graphic design publication. The C stands for contrast, R stands for repetition, A stands for alignment, and P stands for proximity.

The part of C-R-A-P that I chose to define is repetition. Repetition calls for consistency and repeats parts of the design throughout a publication. Repetition is very important in any form of publication because unifies everything. For example, if a business were to create a media kit, it would be important that the same letterhead or logo was used throughout each piece of the media kit. Unification makes a media kit or any professional piece and this can be achieved by using the idea of repetition. Repetition can be the simple of use of the same font or size over and over again or a repeating graphic that appears throughout the publication.


R- repetition



Robin Williams is the writer/creator of the acronym CRAP.


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