Twitter in Entertainment Weekly

May 6, 2009 at 2:39 pm (Personal, Responses) (, )

I receive Entertainment Weekly in the mail and I have not had time to look at any of them besides a quick flip through in a couple months. They have begun to pile up in a basket in my room. Well in the process of my cleaning and packing spree this week, I started flipping through more of them. In one of them there was an article on Twitter and the rapid success and popularity it is having. I had never heard about Twitter until this class (PRCA 2330: Introduction to Public Relations) and now I feel like I hear about it all the time. My mom even has Twitter.

This article mainly talked about the celebrities that are on Twitter and all the followers they are accumulating. I think the publicity Twitter is receiving is excellent. It may have the ability to be bigger than Facebook.

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