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April 27, 2009 at 10:14 am (PR Connections, Responses) ()

In response to Barbara Nixon’s (www.publicrelationsmatters.com) blog post on AP Style. I find that AP style is a lot easier for me to follow than APA style. When I think of AP I think of a more laid back type of writing and it doesn’t really stress me out like APA style tends to do. Maybe it is because of the types of things AP and APA are used for. APA is used more for research papers, which tend to stress me and most people out anyway, as where AP is used for Press releases and other smaller assignments in my public relations classes. I have not seemed to have much trouble with AP style. Maybe I had a good journalism teacher.



  1. Line said,

    I totally agree… For some reason the APA style stresses you more out than it’s a helpful tool!
    I also find the AP style more useful in an everyday matter.
    Really pretty blog you got here!

  2. ladylondon2455 said,

    Yes.. APA is a stressful situation for me also. One thing I struggle with is the different styles in general. This semester I have a paper in a PR course, a Biology course, and a theory course. These are all three completely different styles. So when I’m writing in APA style in my theory class I have to remember to not be as casual as I am in my PR courses. It gets very frustrating to me all of the different styles but my most comfortable is my casual blogging styles.

  3. These Are My Words: my comments on other blogs « Weekly Dose of London said,

    […] 4.Ap-Style […]

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