Jeremy & Lauren-Guest Speakers

April 17, 2009 at 7:20 pm (PR Connections)

On Wednesday Jeremy and Lauren came to speak to us about what they do with Three in the advertising department. Both are graduates from Georgia Southern. PR is a field where you can expect to move around a lot and write a lot. Design and public relations work interchangeably with each other. Public relations professionals have to be creative in order to be able to mix completely different companies (i.e. flooring and high fashion). It is very important to know how to write and to know how to proofread and double check your work. There is no room for mistakes in this business. It removes your credibility. The best way to get experience is to get involved around the community by writing for different publications. When creating your portfolio, include everything you worked on, but also give credit to your team at the same time. PR is so much more than just writing press releases. There are jobs available in the job market, but you have to be good and “as buttoned-up as you can be”. If you want to work for the company you are interning with, make sure you let your boss know that you want to stay within the company. I feel like Jeremy and Lauren really gave us some insight on how to be successful after graduation. I really enjoyed how conversational the two of them were with us. I think that is more helpful to us than somebody just coming in and speaking about their experience.

1 Comment

  1. Matt Cook said,

    I was not in class the day they were speaking and after reading your blog I definately think I missed out. Unfortunately, my sinuses had other plans.

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