Marketing Over Coffee: Quick Response Marketing Campaigns

April 6, 2009 at 12:37 pm (PR Connections)

First off, this podcast was hard to listen to because John and Chris are obviously from up north or somewhere, so they talk a lot faster than we do down here and I had to pause it and replay several times.

The first thing that was discussed in this podcast were these new 2-dimensional/3-dimensional baseball cards. Each pack of cards features one card that can be scanned by a web-cam and a 3-D image of the player will appear on the computer screen. There are also games that can be played with this player including full voice overs throughout the games.

The guys in this podcast also touched on getting a college education. They said that if you are of college-age then you should definately get a college education, but if you have been out of high school for ten years or more, then going back may not be worth it. If you went to college, after being out of high school for 10 years, you would probably do about 4 years of college classes, then end up in an entry level job and it would take about 15 years to pay off. One of the commentators works in student loans so he knew this statistic from experience.

They ranked Twitter as their second choice in cite trafficking sites. Their main tip for using Twitter was to keep it professional, not personal. The guy said that if you use personal stuff, then people are less likely to take you seriously because nobody really cares about what kind of Jell-O you like or what you’re eating for dinner. Marketing Over Coffee currently has 9,000 people following them on Twitter, and they post about topics such as student loans, personal finance, and marketing.



  1. happymccullough said,

    I wish that when I was actually twittering for that short period of time, I would have kept it professional instead of telling silly things about my day! Especially since we had to become “friends” with those professional people. I bet they loved seeing what I had for breakfast!

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