April 4, 2009 at 12:44 pm (Assignments, Responses)

In Seth Godin’s video, he discusses his book “Tribes”. Seth Godin really knows how to keep his audience’s attention. He keeps his presentation humerous while at the same time getting his point and ideas across.

Find something that you are really passionate about and that moves you and become a leader within that. This will be the type of tribe that you are capable of leading. Godin says you only need one thousand people who agree with you to begin. This will soon grow. You cannot be afraid of getting criticized. He says it is not easy being a leader for the fear of failure but those who overcome that fear turn out to be successful in most cases. Nobody can make it far without taking risks in their lives (i.e. jobs, personal areas of life, etc.).

Each and every group we are involved in is a tribe in some way. Everyone enjoys being a part of something in some shape or form. This is the reason there are hundreds of tribes just waiting to be created in the world. Tribes are excellent ways to  make connections in the world of public relations and every student studying PR wants to make connections to help themselves out in the future.

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